Repair request

If your product becomes defective within the warranty period and you want to use our fast repair service, we are ready to help you! We ensure that your cat does not have to be without a litter box, which is great for both the cat and you as the owner. Follow the steps below for a smooth handling of your service request.

Preparing your service request:
To process your request quickly and efficiently, we need the following from you:
- A clear description of the defect;
- A photo or video that illustrates the problem;
- A copy of the invoice or order summary on which the purchase date is clearly stated.

Contact us:
You can reach us via the Petlux WhatsApp service center by pressing the button below. Our communication is through text messages and sharing photos or videos. Telephone contact is not possible and in many cases not practical. We can exchange photos more easily via chat and provide support via video if necessary.

Problem diagnosis:
Once we have received all the necessary information, we will assess the problem and decide on the next steps:
- The product can be reset or repaired remotely, so shipping is not necessary, or;
- The product cannot be repaired remotely, in which case we will send you a replacement item.

If the item cannot be repaired remotely, we will send you a replacement product. With this shipment, you will receive instructions on how to replace the part or device if necessary, as well as a return label to return the defective product. Simply use the box of the replacement product.