Has your item broken within your warranty period and would you like to have it repaired by us as soon as possible? That's possible! We offer a service that ensures that your cat will never be without a litter box. This is as pleasant for your cat as the owner. Follow the steps below to make this go as smoothly as possible.

  1. Prepare your service request.
    The following things are required to process the request;
    - clear description of the problem;
    - a photo or video of the problem;
    - an invoice or order overview with purchase date visible.

  2. Get in touch.
    This can be done through the WhatsApp service center of Petlux via +316 2605 2222
    Communication is through text and photo/video material. Unfortunately, calling is not possible. Through the chat they can ask more questions, send photos and offer you help via video.

  3. Determine problem.
    Once all information has been received, we will diagnose the problem for you. After this, the following decisions will be made.
    - The article can be reset / made remotely and does not have to be sent.
    - The article cannot be reset / made remotely. We will send you a new item.

  4. Solution.
    If the item cannot be made remotely, we will send you a new one. In this shipment you will find a manual on how to replace the part or device and you will receive a return label to return the old item. This can easily be done by reusing the old box.



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