When can I expect my order?

Orders received before 3:00 PM on workdays will be shipped the same day. Within the Netherlands this usually means delivery the next day. For Belgium this sometimes takes 1 extra day. All other countries within Europe are usually delivered within 4 working days.

Can I try my product?

Yes, that is possible, you have a trial period of 30 days. During this period you can try out the product as you can in the store. If you don't like it completely, you can still return it within this period.

Can I also collect my order?

YeWe do not have a physical store ourselves, but fortunately our products can be found in more than 100 stores. view all stores HERE . NB. stock may vary per store. Please contact the store in advance to avoid disappointment.

My product is broken, what now?

Did the item break within the warranty period and is it a defective item? Then you are entitled to the legal guarantee.
Did you receive the product incomplete or with signs of wear? Please report this to us as soon as possible.

Incompleteness or a defect of an item must be reported to us within 48 hours of delivery. An incomplete item, an item with signs of wear or a defect that is not reported within 48 hours will no longer be accepted.

Are you returning the shipment? then the shipping costs will be at your own expense.
Is your shipment incomplete? the additional parts will then be sent completely free of charge.

The warranty for our products is 2 years from the date of purchase.

Please note, any changes and/or adjustments to the product will void the warranty. We accept no liability for damage caused by incorrect use of the product. Read the manual before use.

More information: https://www.rijksoverheid.nl/onderwerpen/protection-van-consumenten/question-en-answer/welke-garantes-heb-ik-op-een-product

What is a Pre-Order?

What is pre-order? A pre-order is an advance order of a newly announced item. This item is often new in our range. Because you have already ordered, you will receive a significant discount as a thank you for your trust.

When will my product be delivered? As soon as the item is in stock, you will be kept informed about delivery. The expected delivery time can be found on the pre-order page or in the product information.

What if the product is not delivered? If the product can no longer be delivered, we will inform every customer of this. The paid amount will then be refunded within 14 days.

Can I get more information about the App?

Of course! See below what all the functions in the App mean.

Clumping Time:
Set here how long the machine should wait before starting the cleaning cycle.

This option is intended to give the grid more time to dry

Cleaning Interval:
Set here how long the machine must wait until the next cycle can start

This option is intended to prevent the machine from starting the cleaning cycle too often. This is, for example, not desirable with multiple cats

Child lock
Set the child lock here

This option is intended to set the LED Touch screen to child lock

Infrared Radar Sensor
Set here whether you want to turn the infrared sensor on or off

This function is intended to switch off the sensor when it causes too much interference (for example due to walking past or other objects) and causes the bin to run unnecessarily often.

Non-disturbing settings
Add a schedule here when you want your machine to be in sleep mode

This option is intended to put the machine in sleep mode at night, for example, so that it does not start running after a visit.

Cleaning time
Add a schedule here when you want your machine to run automatically

This option is intended to allow the machine to run at the times you choose.

Ionic Deodorizer Timing
Add a schedule here when you want the odor filter to turn on automatically.

This option is intended to switch on the odor filter at the times you choose

Waste Bin Calibration
Set the sensitivity of the 'Full' notification here. By default this is set to 0. This means that there is still some space left in the waste bag. 15 means the bag is completely full and there is no room left.

This option is intended to allow you to use the entire contents of the waste bag. NB! This is an indication and the bag can therefore become too full or too heavy. Therefore, test step by step from 0 to 15 to prevent the bag from becoming too full and becoming loose.

Litter Leveling Setting
Set here how the machine should divide the grid. 6 is to the left, 0 is to the right.

This option is intended to ensure that the grid is neatly distributed in the machine so that it is positioned properly in the middle.

How can I return a product?

Still not completely satisfied with your order? No problem, you are entitled to the statutory 14-day cooling-off period. Use the steps below to return your order.

Check the product to see whether it still meets our return conditions.

2. Complete the return form:
Complete the returns form and add it to your return shipment . Download the form here

You can return your product to the following address:
e-Columbus BV
Attn: Petlux Returns
Trasmolenlaan 12
3447GZ Woerden

NB! The risk, and therefore also the burden of proof, for returning lies with the sender.
Especially for more expensive products, we recommend sending them by registered and insured mail.

4. Sign up
The return shipment can be registered via an email response stating your order number and a link to the track & trace.

5. Reception:
We will check the return shipment upon receipt. This can take up to 2 weeks.
Does the product meet the general terms and conditions? We will then pay you properly.

Does the product not meet the general terms and conditions? Depending on the conditions violated, part or the entire amount will be withheld.

If you decide not to do this and therefore want to keep the item, any return costs will be at your own expense.

6. Payment:
As soon as the return shipment has been received in good condition, the payment obligation will lapse or the amount already paid will be refunded within 5 days.

Are you returning the shipment? then the shipping costs will be at your own expense.

More information: https://www.consuwijzer.nl/kan-ik-van-de-autoriteit-af/zit-ik-ergens-aan-vast/wanneer-heb-ik-bedenktijd

NB! You may only unpack or use the product to the extent necessary to assess whether you wish to keep it. Consider the options you also have in a physical store.

In the so-called physical store you cannot fry a croquette in the deep fryer and you cannot do laundry in the machine. You also cannot open so-called blister packs (for example batteries). But you can walk around in your new shoes or try on a jacket.

If you use a product for more than is necessary to see what you can do with it, this will probably result in a reduction in value. We may charge you for these costs. Tip: Also handle the packaging carefully and keep in mind that the product can be resold.

More information: https://www.thuiswinkel.org/questions/wat-mag-ik-doen-met-een-product-voordat-ik-besluit-om-het-retour-te-houden/